Efani Allah’s “Only 90’s Inspired Fashion Styles Worth Reviving!!!”

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It’s no secret that the ’90s are experiencing a revival. From unexpected reboots of the decade’s cult movies to renewed interest in TV shows long since off the air, the 1990’s are back again. Nowhere is this more apparent than in our closets.

With skaterat styles, soft dad caps, and distressed denim already reappearing in contemporary closets, it’s safe to say that if it was trending during the Clinton presidency, it’s fair game for a resurgence in 2016. Of course, the ’90s were filled with plenty of sartorial bricks, and we’re definitely not campaigning for all of the decade’s trends to suddenly and frighteningly rematerialize like a terrible ex erased from our collective menswear memories. That said, there’s also a small sect of pre-millennial trends that are ripe for a redo, and we think its finally their year to crest the ’90s wave. These are The Only ’90s Trends Still Worth Reviving.

Ok, so the label’s been dominating more SUV’s than closets these days, but you can’t ignore the fact that Eddie was holding down the honor of “most rugged Bauer” well before Jack came onto the scene via 24. As brands like Columbia, The North Face, and L.L. Bean have maintained a spot among outdoor enthusiasts and pop culture closets alike, Eddie Bauer seems a little removed from its ‘90s heyday. But Eddie Bauer’s credentials are more than homegoods and Ford Expeditions. The man (and his company) are credited with creating the first down jacket patented in America, along with outfitting the first U.S. expedition to the summit of Mount Everest.

Today’s generation is fairly removed from the long (long) string of highlights that makes up Eddie Bauer’s history, but so were kids in the ‘90s. That didn’t stop Eddie Bauer from being the place to cop everything from that back-to-school backpack to bubble vests—a staple of the decade. Other outfitters have had their time in the sun; maybe it’s time we bring Eddie out of the auto business and back into our cold-weather wardrobes.


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