After reports began swirling about a death at his Minnesota estate, Prince has been reported dead by TMZ. A medical emergency was attended to on Thursday morning at Paisley Park, citing that the “57-year-old had been battling a bad bout of flu.” The singer was hospitalized last Friday (Apr. 15) after an emergency landing of his private plane in Illinois. The singer also canceled a number of appearances ahead of the most recent health scare.

Just days after his hospitalization, Prince held a dance party at his home, according to a flyer he posted on his Twitter page of the event. “2 GIVE THANX 4 THE GOOD WEATHER AND 4 ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT…,” the singer captioned the photo on his page.

The details of his hospital visit were not divulged to the public. At the spread of the news of the fatality at his home, the name of the deceased was not confirmed immediately. TMZ also previously reported that Prince had been battling the flu.

He was born Prince Rogers Nelson on June 7, 1958. A music legend in his own right, Prince will undoubtedly be mourned by fans of music and culture alike. He sold over 100 million records worldwide.'”



Thanks to our good friends over at CommonSenseConspiracy.com Here’s what truly believe happened to Prince.

We at Common Sense Conspiracy can’t believe the news.  Prince is dead.  We could gush for an hour about his greatness and what the world has lost on this day, but we still have a job to do here.  Countless celebrities have died, and there is always serious interest in conspiracy circles about whether they may or may not have been murdered by the Illuminati, among other things.  We quite often dispel those theories as silly and absurd.  But if ever there was a time for such a theory, today is that time.

Prince was the living embodiment of someone that rose to fame in the clutches of the Illuminati-controlled music business, only to turn his back on it later and strike off on a bold new direction.  It was a rocky road a times.  Prince as one of the first music artists to embrace the Internet and to realize that he could skip the middle-man and sell albums on his own accord.  This made him much less of a commercial success, but a very wealthy man.  Not having to share profits and take absurdly small percentages for his intellectual property opened him up to a whole new world of possibilities, ones that he continued to explore right up until today.

prince-oscars-corbis-530-85 Prince Live At The Forum


Naturally, the music business, and the Illuminati if you believe such things, were not big fans of his going his own way.  Now, Prince, dead at 57, may be the most suspicious death of all.  Yes, he had the flu last week, but he was seen riding his bike a couple of days ago, and even appeared at a party, showing off his new purple piano and guitar.  The man was a strict vegan, not an ounce overweight, and looked to be in perfect health, better, in fact, than most of us.  As we wait for more information, we can only speculate about the cause of death and whether it will be one that makes sense or one that fits in with the questionable Illuminati-related deaths we have seen all-too-often in the past. CreativeClientele.com owner and Master Photographer, Efani Allah makes a great assertion, “Is it coincidental that three months ago Prince acquires all of his masters in his catalogue after 30 years in the business? Well let’s dig a little deeper…Michael (Jackson) dies identically the same way exactly three months of acquiring his catalogue and half of the SONY empire? Let’s get deeper…Two weeks ago Prince starts speaking out against the Illuminati and the powers that be, even going so far a to go on the Tavis Smiley show and speak on the infiltration of the government’s use of chemtrails to harm and kill inner city families. Finally, Prince spoke out against the U.S. and it’s negative portrayal of the separation of GOD vs State and the U.K.’s divisiveness, and he mysteriosly dies on the Queen’s 90th birthday- SOUNDS LIKE A BLOOD SACRAFICE!”   CreativeClientele.com and Common Sense Conspiracy will keep you updated as this story develops.  In the video below from several years back, Prince famously outs the Illuminati.

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/bwjefpNkuas” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

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