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Los Angeles, CA native, Efani Allah is founder and principal photographer of the celebrity driven, fashion photography house, Creative Clientele Imaging Concepts. An accomplished “AGENCY APPROVED” shooter, Efani specializes in celebrity, editorial, event, fashion, boudoir and wedding photography. Efani has always had a strong affinity for the visual arts. He gathered his innate talent and love for photography, fashion and music and launched Creative Clientele in 2005. Efani is heavily published in numerous national and international publications and advertisement campaigns. His extensive travels and camera work have allowed him to capture amazing images from Paris, London, Barcelona, Rome, Venice, Florence, Chile, Peru, Portugal, South America, and throughout the Caribbean. Efani is a proud alumnus of the prestigious, Howard University. He currently lives in between Los Angeles and Dallas, where he resides with his amazing wife Nicole, children; Neiko, Jackson and Kiam, and puppy Fitz.

“Efani is a meticulous professional with many years of experience especially skilled in making people look their very best. He will Always make you feel beautiful!”

– Melyssa Ford, Hip Hop Video Vixen

Why shoot with Efani?

Great shots rarely “JUST HAPPEN” and skilled photographers don’t rely on luck to get the shot.


Thoughtful care and attention

Efani has years of experience with professional models and individuals with absolutely no modeling experience whatsoever (e.g., actors, authors, musicians, politicians, business people, etc.). Efani will help you relax, assist you with posing and work patiently with you to create high quality, flattering images.


The Best Team

Efani works with the best professional hair stylists, make up artists, image consultants, wardrobe stylists and set designers that will help you make your creative vision a reality.


The Best Equipment

Efani works with a Nikon D7000DSLR advanced format camera, Nikon and Tamron lenses and a 28 megapixel Leaf Aptus digital back featuring a 44×33 sensor which is 68% larger than a full frame Canon or Mamiya. Efani also utilizes a Canon 7D DSLR for headshots and wedding photography. The much larger medium format sensor produces true 16-bit images for unequalled color accuracy, stunning clarity and an unrivaled 12-stop dynamic range of contrast.


On-line proofs

Efani will personally edit and crop all of your images and present your proofs in a variety of looks (e.g., color, black and white, sepia, various cropping, etc.). Proofs are made available on-line usually within 24-48 hours of your shoot.


Advanced retouching

HIgh end, professional, diamond quality, comprehensive retouching available.


On location

Efani uses an arsenal of lighting including portable Alienbees & Paul C. Huff power packs, huge umbrellas & soft boxes and 8’x8′ diffusion panels to beautifully light even the most remote and challenging locations.



Some magazine and celebrity shoots allow only minutes to capture the shot. Efani has the skills and experience necessary to capture extraordinary shots when time is a critical factor.



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On March 31, 2016

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